Status Update

July 18, 2014

  • My mom’s turned a corner and feels a whole lot better. She is out of the woods and could be out of the hospital by Sunday.


  • I’m sorer than hell. Thanks Igor. Also? Triceps.


  • The great summer filing project’s begun and is tedious as all get out, but, you know, gotta be done.


  • The Peter Frame Responsibility Tour’s added a new stop. It needs a new name, too, but the point is, he’s now picking his clothes up off the floor. Maybe.


  • Our former favorite neighbors, the philosophy professors, moved back to town five years ago (to a different neighborhood, unfortunately) and after running into them periodically over those last five years and saying, “Let’s have dinner soon!,” we finally had dinner tonight.


  • No picture today. Instead, here’s a sunset from Wednesday, following the junior legion’s crushing mercy-decision loss to TC Legion of Fairfield. Not Peter’s most shining moment on the mound. Though this mom thought he looked great anyway. But hey,  the sunset was truly spectacular.



One Response to “Status Update”

  1. great news about your mom!
    come file in Palo Alto sometime. It’s an existentialist’s dream come true and builds finger muscles.

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