Berkeley Bests

July 2, 2014

On the list of favorite things.. brunch in Berkeley with my bud Elliot.  We’ve been friends since 1989 (twenty-five years, goodness).  Before we officially met, I’d known about him for a couple years–he was that well-known, very respected guy from Cupertino who won all the awards. We met officially at an Alliance for Community Media conference in Tampa, and had a ton to share and relate to as executive directors of similar-sized media centers in similar towns (he moved over to Palo Alto). Fast friends, valued colleagues, and buddies ever since. Now we’re grey. Heck.

We manage a meet-up about twice a year, three if we’re lucky. Involves great food at Rick and Ann’s, lots of shop talk (still), and a walk through some random Berkeley neighborhood, where we talk about everything else and do a lot of this:



More shots from today… all camera photos…Berkeley is such a feast for the eyes.

This house (which he said I’d seen and commented on before, but I’m not sure about that) in the Claremont area:




And its detail…



Some bollard art… succulents in a steel pipe:




And lots of flowers… there are so many beautiful gardens in Berkeley surrounding homes with such crafty architecture:











And a coupla old trees (not a metaphor):







2 Responses to “Berkeley Bests”

  1. you got so many great shots yesterday! and no garbage bag in front of the orange door…..did you purchase and learn photoshop yesterday evening?

    • Kari Says:

      No photoshop. It’s all in the positioning! I traded some poor framing for a garbage bag-less photo. How’d yours come out?

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