When Life Gives You Crazy…

February 13, 2020

…… head to the creek on a brilliantly sunny day.

The crazier it gets, the more we need respite, and the arboretum this morning was that place. So far, just a few trees are blooming, but the place was teeming with artists and babies and duck families.


We couldn’t escape politics (a theme that repeated everywhere I went today). We were doing our usual loop around the creek going over some of the latest alarming news(*), as we do, passing pairs of others similarly animated. I have to believe it’s a good thing that concerned people all over town (and I presume other towns, as well) are in various states of shock.

It was pretty down there, and one could easily escape into the surroundings and loveliness…








Equestrian Center



Greens so green



(*) From my new favorite historian, Heather Cox Richardson, who’s been preparing a daily summary of the day’s notable news now for months (Called “Letters From an American”): “Since the Senate acquitted him of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, Trump seems to feel untouchable, and he is trying to consolidate his power.” And then she went on to cite the details of numerous examples, including T’s meddling in Roger Stone’s sentencing and AG Barr bending to his will, though that wasn’t the only example. The whole essay today just made me shake. And it looks like there could be a showdown between the two branches of the dem party for the nomination–not news–but that it could become a fight between Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg. That could get complicated and threatening to party unity.



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