Another Day, Another 30 New Voters!

February 12, 2020


Okay, I’m not going to post every time I spend a couple of hours registering voters, but I just have to say this is about the most tangible, satisfying political work I have ever done, or will ever do. Truly, what could be more important?

Registering voters at CSU Stanislaus (Modesto) is more like a 6-hour commitment with the commute time, but that drive part goes fast when you’re in a car with three other relentlessly motivated, politically engaged/enraged fellow dems… that is some good conversation, let me tell you.

For those keeping track (me, of course), my personal 2020 voter registration total so far is 27 (added ten today).  I’ve toyed with the idea of setting a goal for myself of new democratic voters for the 2020 election … 100? 500? but I’m not even sure what a good target is.. other than as many as possible and every new vote counts.

So, we’ll just keep doing that.



4 Responses to “Another Day, Another 30 New Voters!”

  1. Vicki Crescitelli Says:

    I am soo impressed. And joyful.


  2. Bravo! Stay in the trenches. Bring power to Modesto.

  3. Kari Says:

    Right? It’s such a productive, fun effort with immediate, real outcomes.

    I am seeing, potentially, a clash on the democratic side between Bernie and Bloomberg. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I see Bernie on the left and perhaps Bloomberg in the moderate wing, and I see a clash a’comin. With good reason. I’ll support whoever — we all say that and mean it, b/c the real threat is Trmp (I still cannot even bear to say his name). The thought I had this morning is that all this voter reg will provide fuel for that clash. I can’t see students mobilizing with any enthusiasm whatsoever behind a moderate candidate, certainly not a Bloomberg. I can see plenty of merits in a Bloomberg candidacy, especially the toe-to-toe he’d have with Trmp (and which, I think, he’d win resoundingly… two financial titans of NYC, one real, one fake), as well as a safe place for moderates to land. But I also see disenfranchising the bazillions of youth, including the new ones we’re adding to the rolls every day.. so I dunno. I think registering young voters has a long term benefit and is an absolute necessity for a healthy democracy. And I see a clash of forces on the near horizon, and I’m scared.

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