January 22, 2016

Let’s see…. mom and I did a little party prep today–shopping, table setting, vessel selection. We played some gin rummy (oh, oh… so fun… last night we watched The Apartment, a 1960 movie directed by Billy Wilder–staring Jack Lemmon, Shirley McClaine and Fred McMurray–that won the Oscar for Best Picture, among five awards, and in which GIN RUMMY featured prominently… and they played it exactly like we do!), and we grabbed a couple of Jambas and headed to the beach for views like this:


Not much volleyball being played today….


Cross-processed and faded the color… not sure it works, but I like the blues:



Across the street from Malaga Cove School we came upon this odd tree:


Resting up this evening (in fact Mom’s getting a massage for her cricky neck at the moment… hope it becomes a regular thing (not the cricky neck).

Tomorrow, southland family and friends ….  excited.



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