Nothing to See Here

January 17, 2016

Below’s blog for my record. You may skip.

I didn’t blog yesterday because I was down for the count. I maintain that I don’t get migraines, but I do get a certain wicked headache every so often, yesterday’s particularly excruciating, and maybe it has some of the characteristics of a migraine, but not all, so I’m not calling it a migraine. But who cares what ya call it… it’s brutal. So spent most of the day with my head wrapped in this very handy head-vice I have (best purchase from an airline catalog ever) and a large bowl next to me in case I barfed, and tried to sleep.

No blog.

Heinous headache aside, I was in a spectacularly great mood and wished I could have enjoyed it. This is because I got the results back from a blood test I’d taken the day before… and… got confirmation that all my numbers–so-called markers–are in the super duper normal range.

What happened was: I’d had a pain in lower rib area. Ignored it, thinking bruise. After a month of continued pain, called advice nurse who said come in. Came in. Doctor, not wanting to mess around, ordered a whole bunch of tests: an eye-popping blood draw (you’re going to fill that many tubes?!), urinalysis, and a chest XRAY. Tests all came back normal with the exception of the liver markers, which were high. This causes all manner of concern on the part of doctors (for which I am grateful). Ordered more tests: a redo of the blood draw after two weeks off ibuprofen, acetaminophen, wine, and the high doses of turmeric/glucosamine/chondroitin I was taking for inflammation and joints–the results of which I got yesterday–and an ultrasound.

Well, it looks like an aggressive use of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and said mega doses of turmeric, irritate your liver and causes those liver numbers to go up. When you stop them, the numbers come down, as evidenced by all those numbers in the normal/low range. Yay! Good to know. The ultrasound results came back a week ago and revealed a teeny mass, but it’s likely a benign hemangioma, he says. Not worried. But I’m doing an MRI next week to rule anything icky out.

And that’s pretty much that. Pain in rib still there. No clue what that is, but I’m not worried.

Funnily, it seems I have most definitely entered the phase of life where: things happen, you get them checked out, tests and procedures are performed, you wait anxiously for results. ¬†And then you’re happy it wasn’t anything scary.

And I’m not even 60.




Let There Be Piece on Earth

January 17, 2016

I found myself singing this as I searched and searched for a missing puzzle piece (the brain is a weird organ).

And never found it:


In fact, after 1359 hours of doing this painfully challenging puzzle, I got to the end and discovered there were TWO pieces missing. Brand new puzzle, too. ¬†Somebody’s bad QC. Maybe my own. Maybe I’ll find it in a couch cushion one of these days.

But isn’t it lovely!


Both missing pieces are in the trees, and those orange trees were definitely the last section I completed. I have another bone to pick with this puzzle: it was actually possible to find a dimensionally perfect piece, fit it into place, and realize it was not the right piece for the space. That is quite annoying… which made it all the more challenging. But hey…

Done. What a relief.