To Be or Not To Be

January 19, 2016


(Up on Grande Ave.)

Respite from the rain. Not that we need respite. Nice to enjoy our normal California rainfall as it falls: wet and frequent. Had forgotten what a normal winter feels like. It rained hard all last night and into this morning–a drenching rain. Then late this afternoon, the sun came out for a while, giving everyone a beautiful sunset.

Appreciating it all.

In other important news: Peter ran a 5:52 mile this afternoon–his last timed mile ever, he believes. He seems pretty happy about getting under 6. He and Ray also finished their episode of Seinfeld this afternoon, an idea they pitched to their English teacher, who agreed they could do the episode in lieu of another assignment.  In keeping with one of the stipulations of the original assignment, they wrote the whole thing–twenty five pages worth–without using the verb to be. In any of its forms. Try it..it’s hard!

I accomplished it in the two paragraphs above (not below). Exhausting.


MRI Postscript: It was way okay. So many different noises, you could just close your eyes and imagine you were listening to mutant whale songs. I was so busy listening to instructions about holding my breath, releasing, holding still, relaxing, that I didn’t get a chance to get too freaked out. Plus, Jim had a hold of my left foot the whole time. That totally helped.