January 13, 2016

Him:     What are you doing?

Me:       Nothing really.

Him:      Taking a picture of my missing tooth?

Me:       No.

Him:      What, then?

Me:        […]

Him:      […]


And sometimes, that’s all ya got.

I blame work. It was a pretty awful day.. a combination of miscommunication, poor communication and being the new guy. Oh, and probably a tad bit of over-sensitivity on my part (who, me?). I just left work feeling really really really really shitty. It was the kind of day perfect for meeting a friend downtown for a glass of wine. Which I did. Except I can’t have wine at the moment because I’m waiting to retake a blood test and I’m not sposta. So I had a chai latte, which I like, but I’d have preferred wine. Disappointment on disappointment.


Which is why I was hanging out in Jim’s office. Just sort of needed to not think about it for a few minutes. This view cheered me up.. or at least distracted me. It is a nice picture.