Calling it Done

January 10, 2016

I’ve written in past years about that great, satisfying, cleansing feeling you get (okay, I get) when it’s Christmas break-down day. I’m happy to report it’s not the triumphant liberation from stress and obligation and hype and materialism that it felt like for a few years… got over that, thankfully. Now break-down day is just that–a great big decluttering and reboxing process, like a fresh spring cleaning exercise. It’s good in a positive way, not a negative way.

So.. did that today. Tree down, ornaments and decorations packed away. Surfaces clear. SPACE REGAINED.

It feels like the new year may now begin. I just love that.

Made progress on a few other fronts, too, logged a nice call with mom… and found out the Golden Globes were on! By the time I realized this, I’d missed the first half hour or so, but then settled in for another two and a half. My guilty pleasure.

As he does whenever there’s an awards show, Jim brought me dinner in my office so I wouldn’t miss a single speech or dress… whatta guy! Tonight it was tacos and roasted cauliflower.


I tell ya…..