Looking Up in the Hood

January 4, 2016

Big doings in the neighborhood.


And yeah, this was taken yesterday since it’s raining today (and hopefully most of the rest of the week, which is why these guys are working on a Sunday).

I agree, this isn’t all that interesting to share (though we in the neighborhood are pretty darn pleased, as University-area homes, which are mostly student rentals, don’t have the classic elegance, tidy yards and general street appeal of homes in Davis’ other neighborhoods, so any improvement–even just a room expansion–is a big deal for us), but if I really told you what was going on today, you might feel sorry for me, or worry, or, I don’t know, maybe just chalk it up to being almost 60. Whatever. If it truly becomes news, I’ll share.

Until then, the owner-occupieds on A Street are happy.