Not My Movie

January 8, 2016

Sitting in the Regal, first through a set of unimaginably ghastly previews (this from a person who loves previews), and then a ridiculously silly survival/revenge pic, I pretty much made the personal policy decision to never see a mainstream Hollywood adventure film again and only go to art house movies shown in art house theaters.

How snooty of me.

But tell me if you don’t agree after seeing the Revenent:


Which actually had pretty good reviews. Judging from the popularity of this movie, the previews that preceded it, and the capacity crowd that actually clapped at the end, I’d say they aren’t making movies for me. I thought as a boomer I was golden when it came to [all things cultural, but especially] movies. I appear to be no longer a target demographic.

I will say the scenery at times was stunning. (At the other times it was just grim and snowy cold.)

And that’s about it.