Oh My Back

January 11, 2016

my back?

I really laughed at this. It doesn’t all resonate, but the part about the back does. I just can’t tell you how often I find myself with some part of my back all tweaked out without the faintest idea how or when I did it. On occasion I’ll do something extraordinary, like reach for a box of tea from the top shelf, or look to one side (or maybe the other), but more often than not, I haven’t abused any such physical boundary. At all!  

It’s just the weirdest thing.


In other news, David Bowie died yesterday. I had other favorites growing up, but I always liked the songs I knew and when I read about it late last night, it was a real jolt. Reading all the tributes today, I realize he was more of an artist than I understood and I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate his music and work more.  As I write this, Peter’s blasting and singing along to Space Oddity… which is really making me smile. RIP David Bowie.