Let There Be Piece on Earth

January 17, 2016

I found myself singing this as I searched and searched for a missing puzzle piece (the brain is a weird organ).

And never found it:


In fact, after 1359 hours of doing this painfully challenging puzzle, I got to the end and discovered there were TWO pieces missing. Brand new puzzle, too.  Somebody’s bad QC. Maybe my own. Maybe I’ll find it in a couch cushion one of these days.

But isn’t it lovely!


Both missing pieces are in the trees, and those orange trees were definitely the last section I completed. I have another bone to pick with this puzzle: it was actually possible to find a dimensionally perfect piece, fit it into place, and realize it was not the right piece for the space. That is quite annoying… which made it all the more challenging. But hey…

Done. What a relief.


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