Bull Pen

January 21, 2016


Everyone should have one… a neighborhood-ish bar or eatery or cafe… a place to hang, where they know you, where people you know gather.

The Bull Pen is not mine, but it’s Chris’s. And to a lesser extent my mom’s. Chris is down there a lot (a very lot) and has a huge community of people he sees there regularly. They’ll know mom when she shows up and give her a good booth, but she doesn’t cut it up on the dance floor or occupy a stool at the bar quite like Chris. The place is old (opened in 1948) and may just have the same decor it had when it moved into that location–its third–in Hollywood Riviera in the mid 70s or so (now referred to as Riviera Village… the marketing people really missed a bet on that one; should have left the name alone).

Bar, lounge, postage stamp dance floor, live music (I don’t know how they manage this) and old fashioned steakhouse…. all behind a heavy, thick wooden door in the middle of a very old strip mall (a strip mall before there were any strip malls). I don’t think I’d like to see the place with the lights up.

Anyway. Great dinner: a bowl of mushrooms sauteed in garlic and butter for an ap, prime rib and baked potato, with the vegetable soup (mom); salmon, baked potato and iceberg lettuce salad w/ the beets and bleu cheese dressing (me). Grey Goose (mom), chardonnay (me). And….


We were outa there before the music started.

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