Wellington Day

November 24, 2015

We came, we saw…now we hang. Decided to forgo the long haul over to Orlando (Epcot and Disney World) in favor of just being with the family. Good choice. Some shots on the day:

First off, here’s Martin’s new house. The sale closed in June, and, slowly, he’s been making the transition from a 33-year life in New York City to a less frenetic life in Florida, where winters are a bit less harsh. (A bit less harsh: winters in the 70s during the day, 60s at night, light breezes, humidity sufficient to bathe your skin in a nurturing, protective warmth… shorts and sandals!)


Setting up household is exactly what you’d expect…new furniture, supplies, paint, fixtures, rugs, towels, kitchen stuff … the whole nine yards.

Wellington is a town a bit west of Palm Beach, about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Miami (if you take the turnpike), and, according to Money Magazine, is one of the top 100 places to live in the country.

So there ya go.

We are getting to know the community a teeny bit, at least through its shopping centers.. doing a lot of this:


A lot of this:


(That is Teresa caramelizing onions for some French Onion soup.)

Doing a lot of this… (Elisa):


(Jim, Sr and Melanie):




A bit of time to check in and keep up:


Here’s how dinner turned out:

The soup was fantastic. I am so making this recipe (Julia Child’s w/ a little extra butter in the broth):


Chicken Marengo (which apparently goes back to Napoleon days, when somebody prepared a pre-battle chicken meal but ran out of butter and made the dish with olive oil, which he loved. He won the battle of Marengo and thereafter ate the dish before each subsequent battle. So the story goes.):


The evening was so pleasant. Relaxed, comfortable. Marty played a lot of classical piano and we ended the evening watching Laura (1944) with Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb, Dana Andrews, Vincent Price, directed by Otto Preminger. The movie was good. The post-movie dissertation Marty delivered, including the history of the movie/book/theater production,a trip through the lives of all of its stars, and tons of related and non-related facts from the era was the real treat. Really loved that.

Loved the whole down day.

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