These errata are getting to be regular things. Maybe I should stop being so presumptuous in my blogging, huh?.

Yesterday I wrote about my theory that acupuncture needles are spring loaded, and, once tapped, launch forcefully into their target area. They are not. Brian the acupuncturist, usually a pretty professional and restrained guy, nearly laughed out loud when I checked my theory with him. He said they are simply long skinny needles and inserting them properly is an art which takes years and years of training. He went on to show me a variety of needle lengths and explained how long ones are used in particularly thick, fleshy places and short ones the opposite.

The needle I found sticking out of my leg yesterday while walking downtown was a very long one.  He’s been using the long ones on me because he’s sticking them into my butt (well, hip… but for acupuncture purposes, the hip is buried within the butt).

Anyway…  so erase that spring loaded acupuncture needle thing from your knowledge database (along with any visuals of this process, if you don’t mind).

~ ~ ~ ~

Pic of the day… fall in the downtown. This may just be my favorite time of year for sheer gorgeousness.


Don’t think for a moment that that guy is appropriately dressed in his tank top and flips. He is not. It has been in the 30s at night for the last few days, and at the time of this picture, it was still probably in the high 40s-low 50s. I’d say the only thing keeping him warm is the hots he’s got for his gf.

For the record, I was not taking a picture of these two folks. I was just looking down the street and appreciating the splendor of the colorful trees–still weeks from peak color. I was kind of surprised when I uploaded all two of my photos today. The other one had better fall color, but also had an unsightly awning that dominated the picture…so had to go with this one.