The Very Pregnant

November 3, 2015

Gack!  I have nothing to write about. Again.

I blame it on my new job. No… no… I blame it on Peter’s college apps… or maybe too many acupuncture appointments?

I’m just way out of rhythm here–no pictures, no writing, no time. [Hangs head.]

Well… I lied a little about the no pictures. I did take one today of my sweet friend and mom-to-be, Margaret. She dropped by the office this afternoon [ha! “the office,” she said, ever so casually] to say hello. We all took a short break to visit with her (hey, is that a pregnant pause?).

It was basically Margaret’s place I took at Transcend, as she’s now out on maternity leave…. and you can see why!


So… not a lot to write about, but at least there’s this….. a moment captured. This is Margaret on the very cusp of a life changing, heart expanding, soul birthing journey.  And hers is truly the face of peace and existential harmony.

Aww…the beauty of pregnancy.