And…. Submit!

November 30, 2015

Jim and Peter have given the UC college application a final review….


… plunked down a credit card for $490, and clicked the submit button!


Seven down (actually eight down, as he submitted an app to Cal Poly SLO a week and a half ago) and seven to go.┬áHe’s got a couple of reach schools to go, a couple of safety schools, and a handful of good bets. UCs are definitely the prominent prospects.

He likes the lots of options approach.

Lots of emotions for me. Like wow! our little kiddo just applied to college. COLLEGE. We’ve been watching this significant, if daunting, milestone approach for years and here it is. It’s huge and something you really want for your kid. And… it signals the end of a major chapter in all of our lives, the living together chapter, the the way it’s always been chapter.


And now, we wait.