… the whole nine enchiladas!

(My new favorite mixed metaphor… I’m planning on using it a lot.)

Marty, Teresa, Jim, Peter and I dropped the senior Frames off at the Palm Beach airport (nice) (where Peter saw a Trump plane on the tarmac… maybe THE Trump plane, maybe with THE Trump in it). Then we had a couple of hours to pass before J, P and I needed to head back to Miami to catch our flight… so, Marty suggested a quickie driving tour of the island.

Palm Beach is kind of a monied place. I did not know this. We got a good look at a lot of it, and now I have a pretty good picture in my mind of what it means when someone says they live in Palm Beach.  The rich, the famous…who knew? The celebrity list of people living there is pretty impressive.

As we approached the island from West Palm Beach (on the mainland), we saw the usual yachts and boats bobbing in the marina…


And this is a lovely, thickly-planted Palm-lined boulevard once you’ve arrived on the island…


Beautifully manicured golf courses…


Couldn’t help notice the kind of cars parked outside the Breakers Hotel, there were Rolls Royces, Jaguars, Teslas, Peugeots…


Here’s the Breakers Hotel out the back window as we are driving away:


Drove along Ocean Blvd…


The beach is public, but access points are often not, as each of the mansions–to the right in the above picture–has its own private access. The beach, as seen from the road, is gorgeous…


IMG_0974 The above two shots were taken from our jeep.

We did find a public access access point and Peter and I ventured out…


At least got to dip our feet into the warm Atlantic…


Here he’s glaring at me…it’s a long story:


Then we drove through some of the neighborhoods off Ocean Blvd, wending our way back to the commercial district. These houses were more modest but spectacular nonetheless. Seems sharply trimmed hedges are a thing on Palm Beach:


And trees trimmed with careful precision, too!


We came, saw, and gawked.. then left…


Drove south on I-95 through Boco Raton, Ft. Lauderdale. On the way, we passed the Swimming Hall of Fame and another, maybe the Fishing Hall of Fame….

…Reflecting, we concluded Florida is a lot about boating (yachting, speed boating), golfing, tennis, equestrian life (Wellington, particularly, had numerous equestrian venues, as well as the Equestrian Hall of Fame… in fact, I read Bill Gates has a house in Wellington because his daughter is a horse girl), palm trees, beaches, nightclubs, light blue water, white sand, islands galore, bright green vegetation as far as the eye can see, air conditioning, alligators, banana spiders, Cuban culture, youth who dress fabulously, retirees who want to live their days out in the easy warmth, snowbirds who escape the New York winters, celebrities and wealthy people with a crazy amount of money and the desire to spend it lavishly, deco, pastels… and palmetto bugs. We also know there’s Disney World and Epcot and the Kennedy Space Center and the everglades… so we’re glad Marty is settling there so we can visit again. In the winter.

Anyway… after about an hour and a half, got to Miami Internat’l airport.

The Miami airport’s huge… here’s a shot of some neato windows…


We left 70-degrees, and hit cold weather at LAX. We were again shuttled from some remote terminal to the Tom Bradley terminal, not sure why. We boarded outside, not sure why. American Airline is a mystery… pleasant enough customer service, but no meals, pay for luggage, check in and tag your own luggage, and some nutty terminal arrangements. But all fine.

Our plane in LA…


By the time we got to Sac, the temps had dropped even more.. down to the low 40s and dropping. Waiting for the Davis Airporter in the frigid temperatures was an effective and convincing selling point for visiting Florida again in the winter.