The Perfect Workspace

November 2, 2015

I had the most pleasant day ever. Or, let’s just say this kind of day ranks right up there. I sat for hours at Mishka’s eating baked goods and drinking coffee (coffee at first, later tea), reading (proofreading, that is), and enjoying the vibe of a cozy coffeehouse, while outside, the world was dark and rainy. It just seems like forever since one of those kind of days came along. The coffeehouse stint was flanked by a nice workout on the one end, and on the other, an even nicer massage.

Is that just the shits or what?

I love proofing, I do. But maybe one day, I’ll be writing my own stuff. Ya never know….

In the meantime, maybe I can find this 10-week course somewhere…


Having spent a good portion of my Sunday rearranging my workspace, I may be able to forgo three of those ten weeks!

Paper Cut

November 2, 2015

When your greatest accomplishments of the day were finishing two long-outstanding filing projects, resetting all the clocks, and getting your son lined out on a college application timeline, and activities included getting caught in a rainstorm on your bike on the way home from breakfast and watching the World Series come to an unfavorable end… well… that leaves pretty much nada to write about.

As for a picture, I don’t have any of those either, except for the 54,762 in my iPhoto archive–an archive that seems to be expanding like the universe.

I believe I’ve not actually shared this one. Since it’s Fall, and rainy today, this one seems like a pretty good choice:


Chenoa and Peter, circa 2003, five years old.

Oh… and I got a paper cut.