The Perfect Workspace

November 2, 2015

I had the most pleasant day ever. Or, let’s just say this kind of day ranks right up there. I sat for hours at Mishka’s eating baked goods and drinking coffee (coffee at first, later tea), reading (proofreading, that is), and enjoying the vibe of a cozy coffeehouse, while outside, the world was dark and rainy. It just seems like forever since one of those kind of days came along. The coffeehouse stint was flanked by a nice workout on the one end, and on the other, an even nicer massage.

Is that just the shits or what?

I love proofing, I do. But maybe one day, I’ll be writing my own stuff. Ya never know….

In the meantime, maybe I can find this 10-week course somewhere…


Having spent a good portion of my Sunday rearranging my workspace, I may be able to forgo three of those ten weeks!

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