Thanksgiving in Florida

November 26, 2015

Turns out Thanksgiving in Florida is kind of exactly like Thanksgiving just about anywhere I’ve ever had it. Mostly.

You got your Thanksgiving day electrical project:


Your football:


Your too many cooks in the kitchen:


That would be Connie, Justin, Elisa, Jim, Emmy, Alexis, Marty and Figaro.

And then we have Emmy, the most casual of cooks:


Your napping:

(I have the best napping picture ever, but promised not to post it to my blog. I’ll leave it to your imagination, but it’s great.)

Your favorite holiday dishes: I got to make my favorite cranberry sauce, which I might have to admit I’m addicted to:


You make whole berry cranberry sauce more or less the usual way, but substitute OJ for water and add some orange zest and rosemary. Killer.

Your group-around-the-table shot:


Jim, Jim Sr, Elisa, Justin, Connie, Alexis, Martin, Emmy, Teresa and Peter.

And maybe another because it’s hard to see faces in the table shot:


The patriarch, his three kids, a wife, a daughter-in-law and a grandson.

And of course…your desserts:


…which, because it’s both a birthday party and a traditional Thanksgiving day feast, include the lowly (but exceptional) pumpkin and pecan pies–made this morning–and a pair of not-so-lowly birthday cakes… a five-layer red velvet chocolate cake from the Fountainebleau and the aforementioned three-layer German chocolate cake made last night. ┬áThis whole scene reminded me of a Thiebaud still life.

~ ~ ~

And I’m not kidding; everyone went to bed at 9:15. It’s just me and the dogs… me working under a single kitchen table light in an otherwise dark house… Melanie by my feet and Figaro snoozing in the shadow.

Night. Zzzzzzzz…..