T’was the Day Before Thanksgiving…

November 25, 2015

…and all through the house…people were cooking, and talking, and shopping… the usual pre-feast day preparations. Tomorrow’s more than the traditional TG thing because it’s also Martin’s 60th birthday, and the reason we are here. So we had birthday prep, as well. And we also had dinner for seven to whip together.

Lots of bustling about!

Jim did the lion’s share of work on a German Chocolate Cake–Marty’s birthday choice.


Marty even helped:


I like this picture because it’s got the senior Frame in the background and Mellie–ever, EVER underfoot–in the foreground.

It’s a three-layer tower of chocolate sweetness… here are the three stories laid out:


Here’s how it finally turned out. Best three-layer cake effort ever!


Continuing on the food theme…

Dinner was pulled pork sliders, coleslaw and baked beans. Incredible. Take a pork butt (aka shoulder), rub it with herbs and spices and let it sit a couple of days in the refrigerator. Then slow bake it for about eight hours, remove it, and proceed to pull it off bone with a pair of forks. Tender, shredded, immensely flavorful meat. Put on small buns with sweet BBQ sauce. Ridiculously good.

Here’s Teri doing the pull apart part:


Here’s the dinner spread:


Peter and I snuck out for a nice long walk, in search of one of these residential lakes everyone seems to live on out here in Wellington. Found one:


Martin’s house is across the street from lakeshore houses, which is okay with him.. he’s got a pool. People also live along canals, which are also everywhere. You just can’t get any more different than California:


No alligators, but you’re supposed to keep an eye out for water moccasins. I also think I may have seen a flamingo.

By the way, today’s high, about 75. Low will be 70. Humidity about 80%.






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