Water World

November 23, 2015

Woke to a bright and sunny day with a smooth blue sky. A perfect morning to explore South Beach. Oh boy!

But first, a few shots of our hotel, because it was pretty sweet:


Right? Note the pastel umbrellas, which truly served a purpose.


Our deck:


The blue sky was a nice backdrop for the deco, I thought. Here are just a few I took this morning, here and there.



I particularly love this one…




This is a little tricked out, but I like it:


Here’s breakfast at a random beachfront-ish hotel. People watching was a trip. Some pretty outrageous outfits. Had a wonderful spinach and strawberry smoothie and spicy hash.

I like the Jim’s glow:


We took a walk on the beach, this time with Peter. Here’s another shot of their cool lifeguard stands:




Chaise lounges as far as the eye can see, set among the endless ribbon of hotels… miles and miles and miles. I had really wanted to see this part of Miami..


It always amazes me how people can camp out for a day on a chaise lounge. It sounds a lot better than it is in practice. After ten minutes I’d be done. Still…. it’s a thing.. people from all walks, from all corners of the globe… all shapes and sizes.

The boardwalk (stonewalk) that runs the length.. also beautiful.



We then hit the road.  We were off to meet a passel of Frames in Key Largo. Some shots en route:



I’m telling you: green. And water just everywhere. It’s enough to make a Californian cry.


We met up with Jim Sr, Elisa, Teresa, Marty and two friends of Marty’s (Victor’s sister Emmy and her daughter Alexis). Had lunch at a restaurant on Key Largo.

Then Emmy and Alexis split off and we explored the John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park.

Explored is an overstatement. We pulled into a parking lot, stood at water’s edge for about 20 minutes, then took off for Wellington! But it was nice to set foot upon another key, see a bit of island coastline and some local fauna. This is an American White Ibis.


And this is that passel of Frames!


I may like them better from this angle (and with a nicer camera). And yeah, that’s a cannon. Sure it’s got some historical import.


This may qualify as local fauna… boats hibernating:


I cannot get enough of these trees.


It took hours and hours to get to Wellington. Holiday traffic or an accident… not sure what. But it took forever. We arrived at Marty’s new place and had a great lasagne dinner, and that was that day–many miles, many palms, lots of waterways, expansive vistas of deep green grass and vegetation…









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