From Small Seeds to Freight Trains

February 28, 2020



I posted this on Facebook today.. copying here:

Yesterday, our Thursday afternoon postcard group presented Kelly Wilkerson with a small, but heartfelt, token of our appreciation.

Since the 2016 election, Kelly has opened her charming, comfy home nearly every single Thursday afternoon to anyone who wanted to gather to review the pressing issues of the week and to write postcards (or make calls) to policy makers (or whoever) to let them know how we feel about those issues. Her dining room table (with spillover into the living room) has been a place to gather with like-minded, smart, committed, passionate people to channel all that negative 2016 energy into something positive. It has been a constructive, fun effort and, as we proved in 2018, productive, too!

Our group quickly morphed into the thriving Sister District group (our very blue Calif congressional district, CA-3, pairs with flippable red and purple districts all over the US to affect election outcomes favorable to democratic values) and merged with numerous other postcard groups in town formed under Indivisible Yolo (looking at you Rachel Beck) and today we are a huge, combined powerhouse of Davis (and surrounding communities) volunteers who are partnering with larger regional groups like Flip the West, Swing Left and, seriously, countless others on even bigger more sweeping efforts to REALLY make a dent in this thing.

Our small Thursday postcard group seed has grown into a powerful freight train of momentum (pardon the shift in metaphors), which has real power to affect the outcome of the 2020 election.

To wit… we’re so big, our effort so growing, that we needed a bigger space… our fantastic new Volunteer Center! (Ribbon Cutting in a week — Saturday March 7, at 10:00).

I’ll promote again, but please mark your calendars for a Kickoff Rally next *Thursday at 7pm at the Veteran’s Memorial Center* to learn about and plug into the ongoing weekly calendars of post carding, phone banking, text banking, canvassing, voter registration. This is going to be huge and a great way to contribute to a significant and fun effort!

And again… thanking Kelly for her seemingly small but mighty first step in January 2017. It took heart and guts to take that first step, but look what we’ve all created! Thank you, my friend.


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