Nostalgia Tour

February 17, 2020

Really looking forward to the next few days…   a couple in Redondo Beach and a couple in Huntington/Long Beach, before flying home on Friday.

Maybe it’s the brothers tour: two days in Chris’s neighborhood and two in Matt’s.

Starting with the South Bay…  driving into Palos Verdes was particularly satisfying-comforting-reassuring-good-smelling. The bridle trail was so green!


Via La Selva looked good in the late afternoon light. (Also, there were huge trucks, like construction-type vehicles, in our driveway… things must be finally happening there.)


Checked into my Airbnb on Avenue A, then took a sunset walk. Beside myself with the air. And the view of PV.  And the horizon. And all that water. It was almost too much to bear. But I loved it. Walked from Avenue A to Avenue I, paid my respects to mom’s bench, walked briskly back to Avenue A to sit and watch the sunset. Kinda perfect.






And then met Chris for dinner at Bettolino, formerly Gina Lee’s. Spirited conversation ensued. Lordy.


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