The View from Here

February 15, 2020

We are now keenly aware that our time in La Jolla is coming to an end… after four years of 4-5 trips/year, and dozens of restaurants and hikes and walks along the beach. Feels a bit sad but also kind of exciting as we think about what is in store for Peter in his next academic chapter. More on that later.

We are feeling prematurely nostalgic this trip and have decided to spend the next couple visits–likely our last for a long while–returning to favorite restaurants (detailed notes of which I’ve kept…no surprise to my guys).

This morning, we went to Brockton Villa for brunch…


…and had their famous Coast Toast. Yum. No pictures of that, but here is the view from the restaurant (if you looked down from these double palms, you’d see the La Jolla Cove).


And the original…


Sure gonna miss this place.


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