January 11, 2017

Up in darkness, a rainy commute to LAX… a beautiful look at PV from the air…


And a birdseye view of deserty Tucson..


Before picking Jim up at the Tucson airport, spent a warm and wonderful afternoon with Sam. Love that guy. A reminder of how much I loved my work, loved my colleagues, and valued all we did together in and for our communities. Truly.

Jim and I drove to our place in north Tucson… and the sunset did not disappoint. I was driving, so unable to get shots at its peak, but got a few around the house when the car finally stopped.

Birds on the wall outside..


Looking to the left…


Then a little more to the left…


And yet a little more…


Very nice place we have here… and the best: stories around the table with numerous Frames and Cheyneys… we were ten for most the evening.

Jim fetched Peter at midnight, who’d made all his connections from La Jolla –> San Diego airport (via Uber) –>  Tucson flawlessly, which is today’s top-of-the-fold story: First solo flight!

Good job, Peter!


Way back on my page 42, behind the classified … T holds his first press conference. A true cluster eff. Themes: business conflicts of interest, unreleased tax forms, questionable cabinet picks and the lovely allegations of the Trump’s campaign’s behind the scenes communication with Russian operatives in joint effort to damage Hillary’s campaign. That got a bit lost in sordid tales of golden showers… not proven. Not inconsistent, but will withhold judgment. Welcome to a new and ugly era.


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