The Hospital Zone

January 15, 2017

Spent a lovely morning with Peter.. albeit a late morning. We slept way in, due to a very late arrival last night (1:30am!). We had breakfast at the Stratford Court Inn in Del Mar. Mmm, yummy. We did a bit of time at the CVS in Del Mar as well. This is how it works with these college student visits, no?

It is the Martin Luther King holiday weekend and a lot of students are gone, but having been gone Thursday and Friday, Peter needed to spend some time this weekend catching up. No time for hanging out with me!

I was going to drive back to Davis, but learned mom had developed a fever, which means there is a chance of pneumonia.. nothing to mess with. Matt, Jay and Chris decided to take her to the ER for evaluation. I decided to head to PV.

Turns out mom does have pneumonia and was admitted so they could address the infection and make sure it doesn’t get worse. I decided to stay overnight.

Spent the afternoon and evening in the hospital zone… all too familiar. Poor mom; she hates having to be in the hospital. All systems are just not go… the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the gut… all seriously compromised….and then you throw a mean old infection on top of it all. They poke her relentlessly, interrupt her constantly, and she’s twisted and tangled in cables and cords and lines and tubes..

It’s utterly undignified and yet.. she’s a good sport. She knows she’s getting great care. She even says the food is vastly improved.

Jay and I left tonight at the same time. Chris and Matt had been and gone.

I pulled up to mom’s, stepped out of the car and nearly gasped at this view of the Broen’s old house…


Thought Edgar Allen Poe, himself, might step out from behind the tree.

This was a nice view of the living room… all aglow: