Owl in the Family

January 9, 2017

I love spending time in La Jolla. I am sure looking forward to many, many more trips as the years go on. Peter and I found another good breakfast place, this on down the hill from UCSD, but not all the way into the Village. The Kitchen is in the Shore, but we accessed it from the north side, which was a much  better way down the hill.

After breakfast, dropped Peter off and headed north to PV.

My bathroom and gas stop coincided with a quick trip to Joe Jost’s for an egg salad sandwich and pretzels and pickles.


Then a nice long bonus day with mom.


(This is a card I gave my mom long ago. ¬†For some reason, she’s got the card prominently displayed on the round table. It’s us… sorta.. in the persona of two owls… her longtime love.)