I See Hawks

January 6, 2017

Had a date with my guys tonight. Happy me.

There were big doings in the region: the Palms Playhouse in Winters reopened tonight under new ownership and we got tickets for the kick-off show.

We started the evening at the Buckhorn..


(I actually took this picture as we were leaving town… a bit before midnight, the rains had just started (*))

And, oh, the Buckhorn… ┬áhot sourdough bread with butter the instant you’re seated, followed by cold, crisp, fresh salad (or clam chowder for Peter), red wine (a Seghesio Zin, and root beer and iced tea for the boys), a filet mignon with gorgonzola butter (Peter had rib eye and Jim had a steak sandwich), the special cheesy scalloped potatoes (Peter had mashed), buttery green beans, coffee and french vanilla ice cream atop a chocolatey brownie. Ye gads, fabulous.

Then, on to the Palms, for re-opening night! When the two new, young owners–both Winters natives–took the stage, the crowd erupted in a long, sustained ovation–so happy is everyone that the Palms is going to remain a going concern.

They made a few comments, issued a few thank yous and without much ado introduced the band: I See Hawks in LA. Weird name, I know.

I’d heard they were great from my music hippie kindergarten-alum friend Jeff, a true music connoisseur who told me to go if I could, though it doesn’t take much for me to want to go to the Palms. It was a great night of music and we’re always going to see lots of friends there, and we’re always going to hear music we might not hear otherwise.

Plus, tonight: celebration cake!

I See Hawks is mostly country, blended with lots of rock, and a bit of folk. I’d say. Here they are:


Jeff suggested I seek out a band member or two at the break and pass along a few hellos (he actually suggested I plant some wet ones, but I opted for hellos).  This one, Paul the southpaw lead guitarist, suggested we pose for a selfie and send it to Jeff.. which I also did. Nice guy:


T’was fun fun fun. And heaven to be with Jim and Peter.

Jeff also informed me the lead singer, Robert Waller, is a professor of creative writing at USC. That was kind of a fun fact.

A parting shot because Winters was looking very fine in its wintry shimmery glow:



(*) Tonight we are to get slammed with something called at Atmospheric River, or the Pineapple Express… a weather event considered to be mighty impressive in its power and volume. We’ve had a ton of rain already this week, and tonight, after a couple day’s respite, the rains are supposed to intensify and give us an epic soaking, followed by inevitable flooding due to its relative warmth. We shall see. My weather app shows only rain for the next nine days. Should make for exciting driving on Sunday.