Wet Homecoming

January 16, 2017

Hated to leave while mom was in the hospital, but if I was going to have that hip surgery, I had to get home for the final round of preparation and appointments.

So, I stopped in for a couple hours, checked in with Betsy, and headed north. It was the Martin Luther King holiday.. not too much traffic. I was sorry to miss MLK events in Davis (again), but moms and hips come first.

Not surprising, I have a few road shots:

Leaving the South Bay…


The sunny LA Basin gave way to a foggy central valley… this is near the bottom of the Grapevine…


I just couldn’t get enough of those green, green hills…


They have declared the California draught over!

After many, many years, water completely filled the Yolo Basin…


…which made for a beautiful homecoming, not to mention sunset…


I’m definitely home for a while this time.