Love & Compassion

January 1, 2017

You know what makes me happy?

To wake up in a new year to a house full of two guys I love the most in the world. To go to brunch together, then hang out for most of a rainy day (although the rain stopped).. not necessarily together hanging out, but overlapping here and there.

Like for example, I’m sitting in the chair in the living room–drinking tea, writing, ordering stuff online (ooh boy, a new body pillow, and some flowers for Elisa), catching up on email, reading NYT articles (do you have any idea how much trouble we’re in with this petulant, vindictive, impulsive toddler in the White House?)… and Peter wanders in, sits on the couch, plays a bit on his guitar (actually he was playing Jim’s guitar at that moment), smiles at me, and eventually moves on.

It’s the new year. There is all kinds of promise for good stuff ahead… Peter continuing to learn how to be in the world on his own; Jim and I continuing to grow in a post-child-rearing life; traveling together with Peter in Europe and hiking in Yosemite this summer; getting a new hip and reacquainting myself with the active person who’s been dormant for two years. Cherishing family and taking care of the people we love. Cooking and gardening and hanging out with friends. Appreciating life every day.

The year is starting out with such a heavy loss. I look forward to connecting with Jim as he processes the loss of his dad, and with his family as we come together to celebrate Jim Sr.’s life.

I have a huge and sickening sense of foreboding over the state of our country, our world and the planet. I do welcome, however, the call to fight for the things I care about most, those things that feel most vulnerable and threatened right now. I know that will occupy a huge part of 2017.

It makes me all the more grateful for the things I love and hold dear… like this:


Eager for a year of love and compassion.