My Way

January 8, 2017

Long day! Started in the most inauspicious ways, as they say. We shoulda been asleep during those wee hours of Sunday morning, preparing for a long day of driving on a rainy road, but instead, we were engaged in plastic removal from all of Peter’s lightly-colored clothes.

Come again?

We don’t exactly know how it came to be that a black plastic-like substance adhered to two loads of Peter’s most-worn–and in many cases, favorite–clothing items… chinos, golf shorts, tee shirts, but there it was. Coulda been something in a pocket, could have been lettering material from one of Peter’s shirts, could have been rubber from an aged, overheated dryer part.

Thought it might come off with another pass through the washing machine, but it didn’t. Jim then had the brilliant idea to use heavy-duty packing tape to “pull” the plastic from the fabric. I figured out rubbing a coin over tape enhanced the removal.

That whole strategy worked reasonably well! So… that’s what we did… for maybe an hour…



After the plastic removal thing, we actually got some good sleep, then got up, packed, got some breakfast at Bernardo’s, hit CVS one more time to stock up on a few dorm supplies then finally hit the road.

The first few hours of driving in the so-called atmospheric river looked like this:


Very WET.

One thing about California, when it rains, all those golden hills turn to the most luscious, verdant green. Another guy posted this one from I-5 today:


(Photo credit: Paul Lacques, that left-handed guitar player from the I See Hawks in LA band… we’re now Facebook friends.)

The rain stopped about Harris Ranch. Peter got this nice sky photo..



For most of the drive, Peter read Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants and I listened to my iTunes. Favorite part of the drive was singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way (on Peter’s iTunes) at the top of our lungs while driving through about San Clemente. The 8.5 hour drive (which included a 30-minute stop at the Grapevine) went faster than expected.

And speaking of 8.5.. I heard that Davis got 8.5 inches of rain today… could that be true??