And With That…

January 7, 2017

This year we took down Christmas in a couple of stages. Last week, all the ornaments and chotchkies got taken down and put away, so that alls that was left was the tree and its lights. It was pretty still… to have a lighted tree in the house.. but, ya know, January 7th…it was time.

So today… down it came. This is our first year with Davis’ new organic matter carts and since street collection is now down to once per month, most people are cutting up their trees Fargo style (or nearly so) and stuffing the remains in the carts. Here’s what our tree looked like after Jim took saw to branches..


Very pitiful. But quite a coif, huh?

Then the final assault…


For having been up for over five weeks (good lord!), there were not many needles to clean up… good watering, I guess.



Tree be gone.


After last night’s concert, Peter, who plays a lot of guitar anyway, seemed extra inspired. Here he is practicing a few riffs…



Since I’d forgotten to mention it before, let me say now: Jim’s MRI results came back on Thursday… completely clear. While neither of us really expected otherwise, it was a surprising relief to know that he wasn’t growing a tumor on his brain.

The burnt coffee smell remains, and its significance remains a mystery, but at least it’s not a growth pressing on his smell center.

Good job, Jim!




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