Counting Down

January 4, 2017

Winter break is almost over and our darling boy must soon return to college. Boo. And, I guess yay. Way it’s supposed to be.

I have so enjoyed having him around.. and we get him for about 3 more days before we make the long drive back down to La Jolla.

He’s messy, still quite destructive, keeps crazy hours, leaves empty milk cartons in the refrigerator (sometimes even empty glasses), shoots rubber bands all over the place (still!), leaves cabinets and drawers open and counters crumby… but I tell ya… I love it when he’s home.

Cuz he also plays a lot of guitar and piano, makes me laugh, is sillily affectionate, makes us watch Seinfeld with him every single night no matter the time, surprises me with occasional helpfulness, asks about Grandma, and cried about Grandpa.

I can tell he just loves us to death and loves being home. I see it, I feel it. It’s just great and makes me sigh deeply and happily.

Here’s a typical scene. Peter and I are having a conversation earlier this evening about something, I can’t remember… he’s standing on the arm of the couch and letting the ceiling fan bonk him in the head–just barely, but whap whap whap while I’m trying to focus on whatever we’re talking about.


Goofy, but that’s the stuff I’m going to miss when he’s gone.





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