It’s Aboot Time

January 12, 2016

I could say that about a lot of things (especially if I don’t misspell it):  It’s about time Obama stood up to the gun lobby, took executive action and implemented no-brainer measures to limit gun access, among other totally sensible things. It’s about time Obama refuted the bogus claims that we are somehow on the wrong economic path, when, in fact, the economy has made slow but steady progress in the seven-so-far years of his administration–exactly what he promised. Jobs, unemployment, housing, stock market, consumer confidence, auto industry, gas prices, debt. All way better than when he took office. Got it? Such election season ridiculousness. It’s about time it rained (and rained and rained). It’s about time I got back on the driving schedule for the Winter homeless shelter (my first 6:00am shift begins tomorrow).

All very good stuff.

It’s also aboot time [sic].

This has become a 3-boot winter… justifiable because my one pair of black boots fell apart (while wearing them, I might add… the sole came right out from under my right foot), and because, well, it’s cold and raining, and anyway… I’m way behind on boots.

So I got a great pair of almost-knee-high black boots about a month ago which I’ve been wearing a lot. I’d wear them to bed if I could, they’re that comfortable. I got some dressier ankle boots (I know… really? Me? And in this case I’m not sure why, except I like them and could very well need them.) And I got these yesterday, somewhat impulsively….


… because, fur. And they’re luggy and heavy and have buckles and slip right on. And I don’t want to take them off either.

It may never be cold and wet again after this El Nino passes, so this was the time. A boot time.




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