Seems Like Old Times

January 9, 2016

It’s been a million years since we had a dinner with these guys in which everyone was in attendance (and by everyone, I mean Peter, who, for the last I don’t know how many years, always seems to have plans elsewhere).

The Cavins-O’Hanleighs have always been among our most treasured friends. We used to do trips, holidays and so many dinners together. But over the years, as the kids have grown up and into their various other activities, getting everyone together just hasn’t worked out.

But tonight it did.

There were hats:


And songs:


Sabrina brought music poppers. Each person’s popper, when popped, revealed a mini kazoo. Each kazoo played a single, discreet note, and collectively we spanned an octave (some had to play two kazoos). I was the conductor and would point my baton at the person corresponding to each number on the score, based on the number written on their kazoo. If I did my job right and if people played on cue, you could actually recognize songs. It was hilarious. In Jocelyn’s words, “This was actually fun, Mom.”

Great endorsement!

Anyway. Like old times. Fun and comfortable.

And for old time’s sake, should auld acquaintences be forgot:


November 2004 (Jocelyn and Peter, six years old


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