House of the Rising Son

July 24, 2015

So, this afternoon, Peter and I return from an REI bender–last acquisitions before leaving on a coupla trips–and walk into the house to find Jim playing a little guitar on a Friday afternoon…


He’s working out some groovy technique on an old Animals song. We sit down and listen. After a while, Peter says, Hey, lemme see that, I think it goes like this… 


And he starts playing the same song, but with a slightly different technique…


And it sounds great! He’s really getting good.

A rising guitar talent, that boy.

2 Responses to “House of the Rising Son”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    That would make me so proud!
    House of the Rising Sun is a great one to play with. Peter could probably find twenty different versions on YouTube. (I did that recently with Me & Bobby McGee.)

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