Nice to be home.


Very nice of Jim to have relocated my hammock. Er… our hammock. Actually, this is the hammock I gave him, back in about 2004 when he’d just finished building Peter’s huge play structure and I thought, perhaps, having finished that big project, he’d like to take a load off. Taking loads off is not Jim’s style, however, so, by default, I am the one who mostly swings in the hammock. Win win, huh?

The relocating was because, in its previous location, it got too much sun during the late afternoon part of the day… precisely the time it’s best to be hanging out in a hammock. Also, it awkwardly spanned our new flagstone path–a path that didn’t exist when we originally located the hammock.

So, for Mother’s Day this year, I requested it be moved.  As Mother’s Day gifts go, it’s a pretty good one.

Here it sits, way back in the southwest corner of the yard. It’s only 88 today… and in the shade? Perfect.


And, of course, the view from here:


Got a couple phone calls made, listened to some great music, finally prevailed in a game of Spider that has been my challenge for a couple of weeks, maybe.  Didn’t even get to my book.

There’s always tomorrow.