July 29, 2015

Year #16

Got a 10:00am start, usually the goal. Stopped for car food–me: Mishka’s; Jim: Starbucks iced tea; Peter: Subway.

Commute’s familiar, and great.

The always picture-worthy Highway 4:


Stops in Copperopolis and Groveland (PJ’s).  Moods are high.

This was new this year… see way down the list.. the Senior Pass!


Once you reach the grand old age of 62, you pay ONCE… $10… and FOREVER AFTER you are admitted into all National Parks (and lots of other official places) simply by showing your Senior Pass. 

senior pass

We are golden.

Here is the view driving into the Tuolumne Meadows Tent Cabins and Lodge…


And here is the welcoming committee:


She was gnawing on what looked like a twig on a boulder in the parking lot.

Checked in, settled into cabin #4, as per request. The cabin has four beds… one for each of us, and one for all our suitcases and clothes duffles. This is my quarters..



Cement floors, stained canvas sides, squeaky screen door… about 14 x 14′? There is a funky card table for stuff we need handy, a single sturdy plastic chair, never enough hooks to hang stuff on, a nice wood burning stove, and about three years ago, they added this goofy wooden shelf, which is where we put our makeshift charging station:


But we do love it.

We had some time to chill, breathe in the glorious pine-infused mountain air… and read a bit before dinner at 7:30:


Jim read (and, by the time we’d left, finished) All The Light We Cannot See. Peter was reading Richard Feyman’s Six Easy Pieces (“essentials of physics explained by its most brillliant teacher”), and I brought these:


Let the fun begin.