Poor Taste, High Style

July 12, 2015

Walking downtown this morning on the way to breakfast, ran across this sign…


Upon closer inspection…


It’s not that I don’t appreciate a well-communicated message on a simple, handsome, well-designed, well-fonted, appropriately-located-and-displayed sign. This was all that.

And It’s certainly not that I don’t have a sense of humor. I just don’t have a sense of humor about deception. Especially obnoxious deception. Especially obnoxious deception aimed at yahoo frat boys about free beer. It’s obnoxious.

But I got over it.

Largely because just minutes later, I was enjoying this…


Same establishment, too!

Not only that, but the barista prepared this for me before I’d even had a chance to place my order…. that is a class act.

Bernardo’s. What the late night crew lacks in taste, the early morning crew makes up for in style.