Eat A Peach

July 17, 2015

I know, too easy a title.

But, hey, we’re pretty excited over here about our peach tree.. considering it was a cast off from our neighbor, Anna, who is a pomology post doc, has lived next door for about five years, and who, about four or five years ago, gave us a couple of starter peach trees (“Hey, would you guys be interested in a couple of trees from our lab?”). At the time, they were about two feet long, and really just looked like fat twigs.

We planted them.

A couple years ago, Frances and I moved them a couple feet further away from the driveway (vulnerable as they were to Jim’s wide-body truck).

Moving trees always feels a little risky to me, like you’re messing with nature somehow.

But, they survived just fine.. and one of them exploded with fruit this year.

This is the first year we’ve gotten any fruit at all. In fact, the one put out so much fruit, that Frances and I removed about fifty baby peaches so that the tree wouldn’t be so burdened and traumatized when they grew and became heavier. The other tree has only a couple peaches, which is two more than it has ever had.

Must be a peach year!

We are thrilled. They taste great, too.