I just love (not) that I had to crawl around on the floor at the airport to find a power outlet for my laptop… that at LAX–a massive international airport in a modern, west coast city–there are no civilized, AC power-equipped seats to be found. The dated, rundown Southwest Terminal does have a few charging stations scattered about, but good luck scoring an outlet there.


It was funny, by contrast, as I made my way through the airport in Sacramento, teeny by comparison, I felt like I was in a new version of Tomorrowland. We Sacramento travelers–moving quickly and efficiently between the buildings of the new¬†Terminal B on spiffy, elevated, express monorails, and between its stories on towering escalators, connected to our mobile devices through dangling earbuds–seemed like the future incarnate. I totally felt like a Jetson. Everything in Sac is upscale, functional and modern. Nobody’s sitting pathetically on a dirty floor, looking at everybody’s hairy knees and summer feet, futzing with a slow wifi connection.

C’mon, LAX. If our little airport in the Central Valley can do it, you can.