I’m not sure why we don’t see these people more often. There were years we saw them more or less monthly because we used to hike on a very regular basis, and when not hiking might be snowshoeing, or celebrating a holiday, or something.¬†Subsets of us have spent weekends in Napa, and certainly Echo Lake. We even traveled with the whole lot of them to Italy once and hung out in a farmhouse in Tuscany, and a couple of apartments in Rome. We go way back (about twenty years or so), but we just don’t see each other as often these days.

But still great friends, still enjoy one another immensely, and still always talk about getting together more often.

We met a couple days ago in Colfax for dinner–about 45 minutes up the road. ¬†It’s an old-timey, Sierra foothills kind of town… both the historic Lincoln Highway (40) and the main east/west Union Pacific rail line run through town. Some photos:






Many nice touches:


We ate at Cafe Luna. I guess they’ve just recently relocated, having outgrown their old digs due to their growing popularity. Food was fabulous–casual, but locally grown and thoughtfully/artfully prepared. No pics of food, but here’s their sign:


After getting kicked out (they were closing), we walked around town, continuing numerous conversations:


It was fun.