Do you mind? It’s late, I’m pooped, I didn’t take any of my own pictures, but I do have yet another incredibly neat photo that I grabbed off Facebook, taken and processed by Wes, whose pictures I really enjoy, so I’d love to share that and call it good, if I may. Just this one time.

If it wasn’t that, I might talk about how many of those black church burnings in the south are arson and how many are lightning strikes (the FBI has not turned up anything conclusive just yet), or I might talk about cryotherapy (the perfect thing on a 100+ degree day, right?, but maybe I’ll save that for when I actually do it, if, that is, they call me back), or the other two very important emails I sent out today that also did not get any response whatsoever. None.  (O k a y …  I see how much I matter here …). There are all kinds of interesting things going on at the moment, but none quite at the report-worthy phase yet.

So, as I said, a nice picture that I really love taken this past weekend in Clovis:


From left to right: Somebody I can’t quite identify; Ryan H.; Solly (and there might be somebody behind him–either that or he appears to have a double chin); another not quite identifiable guy; Ray; Ryan K; Peter; Daniel; Robbie the coach; yet another guy I can’t quite make out; and I think Gabe (though it might be Chris, or Sean).

(Oh, and one of the kids with shaggy hair in this picture got his hair cut today.)

Anyway, grateful for the millionth time that I am amassing a gorgeous photo record of Peter’s years playing DHS baseball, thanks to Wes.

His pictures tell such stories, don’t they?