Berryessa Fire

July 22, 2015

Earlier in the day, while working in the garden, the sky over our next-door neighbor’s house looked like this:


(That would be a sparkling, clean blue, with dotted, bleached white clouds scattered about.)

This evening, I came home about 6:00 and the sky over the same neighbor’s house looked like this: IMG_7575

Here’s another shot. It’d be pretty if you put aside the fact that hundreds–or maybe now thousands–of acres are burning west of Winters in the hills surrounding Lake Berryessa.

Here’s another shot over our house… our backyard birch tree the tallest in this bunch:


But then it got really neat… in a fire kind of way.

Driving north to Woodland on 113, looking east toward Sacramento, the smoke cloud was thick and its edge very discreet… you can see clear blue horizon in the distance. I shot a lot of these out the window on the passenger side.. here are two of the ones I liked the best:



Crazy, huh?

Driving home from a game at Clark Field later this evening, we could see ash swirling in front of our headlights, and at home, we found ash on the surfaces closest to the open windows.

As of now, over 4000 acres have burned and the fire is less than 5% contained.  Very bummed about this.

2 Responses to “Berryessa Fire”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    It’s so sad 😦 But I admit being amazed at the beauty it produced in the sky. I went for my evening walk and was just in awe.

    • Kari Says:

      Surprised to hear they’re still battling.. up to 6000 acres, I hear, and yet the sky is clear and blue this morning.

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