Yup, We Gotta Song

July 9, 2015

Every town should have its own song. I’m sure a lot do (New York New York, I Left My Heart in San Francisco come to mind). And maybe even some of those were written explicitly for that city. We have such a song, The Davis Song, written by Heidi Bekebrede.
We are one of the lucky few.

Here are Heidi, Dianna Craig, Frank Fox and–drumroll–our good friend Bill Cavins, singing it in the park last night at the Wednesday night Farmer’s Market community picnic extravaganza (a weekly affair).


They’re all so darn cute, especially Bill.

Here are the lyrics:

The Davis Song

16 miles from Sacramento, heading west on 80.
You will find an oasis where avenues are shady.
Laid out on a grid of alphabets and ordinal numbers,
You’ll find merchants selling pizza, cars, groceries and lumber.

Folks go ped’ling to and fro, to work, to shop, to classes.
Others sit and chat at cafes, clinking ice–chilled glasses.
Some would rather jog about, or do some skateboard jive.
Yes I guess, I really must admit, some people drive.

The city I sing of is DAVIS.
It’s the place the UC Regents gave us,
Over hundred summers are the norm I better warn ya.
D–A–V–I–S C–A Spells Davis California.

Aggies, bikes, tomatoes, Picnic Day, green belts and vet school,
Farmers Market and the Rec Pool
Amtrak stops here umpteen times a day,
What more could a person ask for, what more can I say? Oh!

Pu-tah Creek, the Ar–bor–ee–tum, Cen–tral Park, you just can’t beat um.
Solar homes and a sloooow freight train through town,
I don’t understand how any one can put it down.

The city I sing of is DAVIS. Where the peace of mind I crave is
If I ever move I know I’m gonna mourn ya,
D–A–V–I–S C–A Spells Davis California
Some may laim we’re in the sticks…please write 95616
…And now that we are oh so great, we’ve added 95618.

Written in 1987, updated in 2007. Arranged, I’m told, by Wayne Gottlieb.

How ’bout that?

And if you want to hear it sung–not quite able to tease it out of either the picture above or the lyrics–it can be found here or here. Video credits: GovernorWatts (for Dan Wolk) and Bev Sykes. Thanks, guys.

3 Responses to “Yup, We Gotta Song”

  1. Ellie Johnson Says:

    What a kick – I thought that was a super clever song. thanks for sending it. Ellie Johnson.

  2. Bev Says:

    I went to check out your YouTube link and imagine my surprise when it was to MY video!

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