January 14, 2021

I’m reminded that one of the cute things Matty used to say when he was a little kid — like mazagine instead of magazine — was to call meatballs meatbulbs. I’m sure his two older brothers and his big sister (me) showed no mercy.

I made tonight the most fabulous ever — my opinion — meatballs. Ooh, I love them. Jim only gave them a 3* review, but I made him increase that rating to a 4* so I can justify making them again. (My rule.)

Here’s how it goes:

First you combine olive oil, garlic, shallots (which I didn’t have so substituted green onions), cumin, cinnamon and oregano.. and then warm it in the microwave to get the flavors to meld. Set that aside.

Then you make a sauce that contains lime juice, yogurt, tahini and cayenne.

Then you goo together some pita bread and yogurt, chop some fresh mint, add the oil/herb mixture, and mix it all together with some ground beef.

You roll them into balls, chill them a little bit….

….then fry the heck out of them so they form a crispy exterior.

Serve inside warmed pita pockets with thinly sliced red onion, parsley (and if you have it–which we didn’t–tomato, cucumber)…

So, so good.. crispy, packed with flavor:

2 Responses to “Meatbulbs”

  1. Vickicrescitelli@yahoo.com Says:

    They sound superb to me. Please send recipe.

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