My Turn for a ….

January 25, 2021

….pandemic birthday!

Which meant a birthday– not unlike many others, but — just a little quieter. Just Jim and me.. close to home. And it was a lovely day.

Jim and I braved lunch out, sitting outside at Crepeville in 47-degree-ish temps:

We’re smiling.

I took a great walk with Carrie, had a nearly 4-hr conversation with Peter (yes!) and then had dinner with Jim. My birthday dinner choices were meatloaf, baked sweet potato with brown sugar and marshmallows (don’t laugh) and roasted cauliflower. Every single bite was insane. A truly perfect meal. Here’s his meatloaf with glaze (ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar, garlic and onion powder, S&P):

Here’s the whole ensemble.. comfort food galore:

And finally, that German Chocolate Cake.. twenty pounds of pure bliss:

And by twenty pounds, I mean the cake. It was heavy, sweet, dense, moist… and just fantastic.